Discount Fabric Warehouse (DFW), long a supporter of our local East Hawaii community,  together with Project Linus, Department of Public Safety and the Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaii stepped up to provide hand-made pillow cases and blankets to the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of East Hawaii.

 Often when children are removed from a bad home situation, that child has nothing that is “theirs”, nothing that they can hold onto. Thanks to Bill Miller of DFW, dozens of hand-sewn blankets and pillowcases were donated to the “Friends” for distribution to keiki in transition. The colorful printed pillowcases and blankets will lift the keiki’s spirits.

Seen here in photo: (l-r)  Cyndy Martinez, Adult Corrections Officer, Bill Miller of Discount Fabric Warehouse, Stephanie Oshiro, Friends’ Board President, Charlene Iboshi of the Aloha Exchange Club and Kathleen Stacey of Project Linus.

“Project Linus”, a national non-profit that encourages people to make blankets and donate them, is named after the comic strip character Linus from “Peanuts”. Linus was always seen with his own blanket.  “Project Linus” has chapters in all 50 states, with a strong presence here on the Big Island of Hawaii led by Kathleen Stacey. The Department of Public Safety’s Adult Corrections Officer Cindy Martinez worked with women offenders to make fleece blankets crafted to comfort these children. More blankets from these women are “in the works,” said Martinez.

“Mahalo, Bill Miller, for your support through your generous donations, use of your facilities and your passionate support of our community, specifically, the children who will benefit from the blankets and pillowcases,” said Charlene Iboshi, from Aloha Exchange Club of East Hawaii. Child abuse and neglect prevention is the Exchange Clubs’ national project.

The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of East Hawaii, a non-profit that helps to see to the needs of abused children, maintains a Clothes Closet for Social Workers to gather up any needed clothing.  These colorful blankets and pillowcases will be given to children “in transition”Š children who are leaving their homes and going to Foster Care or other protective services.  Having a blanket and pillowcase that is “just their own” can make a difficult situation bit less traumatic.

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