This picture shows five hands building a stick figure house.The FRIENDS operate in a unique partnership of a private non-profit organization with a State of Hawaii Judiciary program.

Co-located, the FRIENDS support the Center in many crucial ways.

When accusations of child abuse and neglect are brought to the Center, it is the FRIENDS ‘ support that can make their visit less traumatic. For more information about the Center, click here. 

“Grandma’s House”

The Center “looks like Grandma’s house”, not like a business office.  In a 1989 Capital Campaign, The FRIENDS raised over $92,000 to renovate and modify a classic Kama’aina home into a friendly and safe facility. The FRIENDS continue the maintenance and upkeep on the house, replacing carpet, fixing windows, repainting the interview rooms and other related functions.

Snacks and drinks

Interviews and meetings can last hours, hours in which a child becomes hungry. The FRIENDS supply the Center with beverages and snacks.

Assistance with professional training

The Center is often the site and the coordinator of professional trainings. The FRIENDS support the Center’s training with monies for transportation, supplies, refreshments and other incidental but crucial needs that cannot be paid by other funds.