Enriching the lives of abused children involves a whole community.  The Friends are proud to have financial support from many local sources and to utilize 81% of our money on directly on children.  Careful Stewardship of our income is critical to the Friends.

This is a chart showing our income sources, 70% Grants, 17% Special Events, 7% Fundraising, 3% Donations and 3% from HI. Isl. United Way.Major Granting Organizations

The Teresa F. Hughes Trust

Monies to be spent to “improve and enhance the lives of qualified adults and children”

Specific criteria:  Children who are under 18 years of age, in financial need, and have been abused, neglected or reside in a household where abuse has occurred.  See more by following this link.

The Victoria S. and Bradley L. Geist Foundation

The purpose of the Foundation’s Enhancements for Foster Children program is to enhance the lives of foster children by providing items and services that allow them to enjoy a quality of life similar to that of their peers. The funds are offered in the belief that every child is special and that their growth should be nurtured and celebrated. – See more by following this link.

The County of Hawaii Annual Grant

The County of Hawaii grant allows the Friends to make expenditures in all areas of assistance…school needs, enhancements, tutoring and more.

The Hawaii Island United Way

Emergency Needs – a child taken from his home may have only the clothes on his back; we help with emergency clothing, bedding, footwear, hygiene items, school supplies.  The Friends also maintains a clothes closet.

Other Community Groups and Organizations that frequently Donate to Us

  • The Rotary Club of Hilo
  • Exchange Clubs of Hilo
  • Visitor Industry Charity Walk, Hawaii Island

This chart shows how our money is spent.

Financial Stewardship

81% of all our financial expenses are spent on our program that helps identified abused children.

 “Enhancements” … small and large life enrichments that can help to normalize a victim of abuse.  The Friends provide needed funds for children to participate in academic, occupational, athletic or extracurricular activities such as summer school, excursions, and more. Please read some of our Success Stories (link)

“Emergency Needs”  Short term, but vital needs such as clothing, ground transportation expenses, hygiene items, beds and bedding, and other “right at the moment” necessities are provided for children in transit from an abusive home to a safe location.

A small 15% is expensed for Administration.  The Friends have only one paid staff member, all the rest of the board and helpers are all unpaid volunteers.  The Friends also support the  Center.  Please read more about The Center and the Friends help .