Testimonials from the real people who help children of abuse

This is a photo of a kind adult land a happy child.A Volunteer in the Friends office

“I was introduced to FCJC by another volunteer in 2008, and continue to volunteer one day a week. The reasons I support this agency are many, but primarily because the financial support for foster parents, as well as biological parents and families, is necessary to nurture and help the kids that have been subject to abuse in our community. The funds provide not only the necessary items in life, such as clothing, hygiene needs, and school supplies, but also opportunities for enrichment programs, after school and summer classes, clubs, development in art, music and sport interests. By developing their skills and interests, their self esteem and social skills, which have been damaged, are enhanced. We receive many ‘thank you’s from social workers and letters from the children. It’s very rewarding to be able to help through FCJC. “ – Deborah

A Social Worker

“I see the real results of the help from the Friends. I think of a story that is close to my heart… a story of a beautiful little girl of seven whose innocence was taken away though the actions of a family member. Her wise mother wanted to see her girl regain her sense of power and asked for help from me. I turned to the Friends. The Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of East Hawaii provided financial aid for this little girl to get started in a martial arts class. Slowly she grew stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Over time, her mother saw a positive change as her little girl regained her sense of power and confidence as her self-defense skills grew. Thank you friends.” – Pearl

This is a letter from DHS administrator.