Q.  Is the FRIENDS organization a non-profit?
A.  YES!  The FRIENDS is a 501 (c) (3) non profit entity and has been since 1989.

Q.  Are my donations to the FRIENDS tax deductible?
A.  YES! Straight forward donations to the FRIENDS are deductible; however, fees paid for event attendance may only be partially claimed.  The FRIENDS will always denote what percentage may be tax deductible, but we recommend that you contact your tax professional.

Q. Do any of my donation dollars go to pay the Board of Directors?

A. NO! The FRIENDS’ board is comprised solely of volunteers and no member is paid to sit on the board.

Q.  Why is there no address given on your contact page?
A.  The FRIENDS are housed with the Children’s Justice Center of East Hawaii which is a location for the CONFIDENTIAL interviews of child victims.  Please contact us by phone, email or to our Post Office Box in Hilo, Hawaii, or fill out the form on our contact page.

Q.  What percentage of your donation dollars is actually spent on local children of abuse?
A.  81% is delivered in direct services to identified abused victims in East Hawaii. Follow this link for more information.

Q.  Who should I call if I suspect child abuse?
A.  Call 1-800-494-3991

Q.  Can I apply to the FRIENDS for help with an abuse victim I know?
A.  NO.  All requests are funneled through Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors and other professionals.  In order for the FRIENDS to expense monies, the child for whom the request is filed must be a documented victim of child abuse or neglect.

Q.  Does the FRIENDS income come solely from individual donations?
A.  NO.   A large portion of the FRIENDS income comes from grants.  We are proud to have the support of the Teresa Hughes Trust, the Geist Foundation and the County of Hawaii along with the Hawaii Island United Way and other donors.  Follow this link for more information